Armstrong Asks AOLers What AOL Is

Tim Armstrong is asking AOLers to help him figure out what the company’s mission should be.  So let’s help, too!

If someone would be kind enough to send us the five questions in Tim’s survey, we’ll post it here and crowdsource it.  The 5 questions in the survey are below Tim’s memo below.  Please fill in your answers in the comments.

In case you don’t have time for 5 questions, here’s bottom line:

What are “the words and ideas that should define AOL and guide the company?”

AOLers –

The 100 Day Plan is in full swing and it has been great to visit with many of you in the  US  and we are now beginning to visit our international offices.  We have done significant deep dives into some of our largest products and services over the last three weeks and there are clear areas of leverage starting to emerge. One area of leverage is our mission as a company and as a team.  What is AOL committed to delivering to the world and to each consumer?  Our strategy and brands should follow that commitment.  

In the town-halls and employee meetings over the past few weeks, I’ve heard over and over again about the need to clearly define AOL’s mission and organise the company around it.  The best source of ideas and insights for crafting our mission statement is you and our collective brain power.

So we’re asking for your help in defining AOL’s mission by taking a short survey ( about the words and ideas that should define and guide our company. Once we’ve gathered up the results of the survey, we’ll hold a series of employee focus groups to pull your thoughts around our values and our vision for the company into a compelling mission statement.

There are just five survey questions to answer. Please take advantage of this opportunity to contribute and know that we will be striving for exceptional value to our consumers and customers. Please note the survey closes Tuesday May 12th.


1. What individual words best characterise what AOL should aspire to as a company? 2. What words or phrases do you want to use to describe AOL’s purpose to your family and friends? 3. What words or phrases do we hope our customers and partners use to describe what we do? 4. What’s the one thing AOL should do for the world? 5. OPTIONAL:  If you were to write a mission statement for AOL, (in 20 words or less), what would it say?

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