Goldman Sachs Finally Stops Betting Against The Dollar (After Getting Clock Cleaned)

But everyone told me he was a chump.

Remember a few months ago, when the dollar-collapse was the most obvious (and popular) trade in the book?So much for the wisdom of the herd.

Oliver Biggadike and Inyoung Hwang, Bloomberg:

The strengthening U.S. economy, subdued inflation and rising stock prices are propelling the dollar rally into its fifth month as traders seek refuge from Europe’s fiscal crisis and Japanese deflation.

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Citigroup Inc. ended bets on a falling dollar last week after the trades lost 2.8 per cent. Strategists are raising greenback forecasts at the fastest pace since last March, just before U.S. stimulus efforts that poured as much as $12.8 trillion into the economy ended the currency’s strongest rally in 28 years. Median predictions for the dollar against 47 currencies tracked in Bloomberg surveys rose an average of 1.4 percentage points in the month to March 24.

A year after correctly predicting the currency’s decline and likening it to the fall of Rome, Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc’s Alan Ruskin said it may soar 22 per cent to $1.10 per euro if Greece defaults.

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