Boston Globe Staffers Refuse To Give Up Lifetime Employment Guarantees


The Globe newsroom on a recent Thursday.

Six of the Boston Globe’s 7 unions have agreed to cost cuts necessary to save the paper.  One union, however, hasn’t: The writers union (which includes some ad and business folks).

What’s the hang-up there?

In part, it appears, the union refuses to give up lifetime employment guarantees.

Yes, you read that right.  A source says about 190 of the union’s 650+ members have lifetime employment guarantees.*

We don’t know what these guarantees guarantee, exactly (can writers be demoted to janitors?), but we are dumbfounded that they exist.

The economy is getting shelled, the industry is getting shelled, the New York Times Company is getting shelled, millions of Americans are getting fired…and Boston Globe writers feel entitled to lifetime employment guarantees?

What country do these folks think they work in, exactly?

(The union did offer to increase its members’ work weeks to 40 hours, though, which is certainly big of them.)

* We were originally said that Daniel Totten, the union boss, had one of these guarantees.  This appears to be inaccurate.

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