Germany Gripped By Twittergate, As Presidential Election Results Are Secretly Tweeted


Another Twitter scandal, this one involving Germany’s presidential election:

FT: The internet communication craze that has swept the world has caused a political furore in Germany, where the country’s parliamentary elders will on Thursday launch a probe into twittering MPs who broke decades of tradition and leaked news of the president’s re-election.

News that Hörst Köhler had been re-elected as German president on Saturday was published on the micro-blogging service almost 15 minutes before the result was officially announced.

Julia Klöckner, of chancellor Angela Merkel’s CDU, told her Twitter “followers” on that afternoon: “People, you can watch the football in peace. The vote was a success.” She later apologised for the “somewhat premature timing” of a message.

Ulrich Kelber, of the SPD, was even more specific, prematurely uploading the result of the vote-count to his micro-blog: “The count is confirmed: 613 votes. Köhler is elected.”

Can we have more of this, please?  The media spoon-feeding of our own election results gets tiresome.

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