Galloway: Like Hell I Tried To Sell The New York Times To Google


New York Times director Scott Galloway denies Fortune’s report that he tried to shop Harbinger’s 20% stake in the New York Times to Google:

Reuters: New York Times Co board member Scott Galloway said on Tuesday he did not contact Google Inc Co-founder Larry Page to try to get the Internet company to buy the newspaper publisher.

Galloway told Reuters he has not talked to anyone else at Google about buying the Times, denying a report in on Monday that said Galloway had made an overture to Page.

“I’ve never been in same room with him … There has been no phone conversation. No e-mail conversation … There has been absolutely zero contact between me and him,” Galloway told Reuters, referring to Page.

“With respect to reports that I had a conversation with Larry Page about buying the New York Times, it’s not true.”

Of course, that’s not the same thing as saying Google didn’t take a close look at buying the Times and decide to pass.  Google, at least, is not denying that. 

Meanwhile, David Geffen still has an informal bid in.

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