Reuters Blogger Attacks Business Insider On Twitter, We Defend Ourselves

Felix Salmon Willy Wonka 2Business Insider sucks.

A Reuters blogger attacked us on Twitter this afternoon. Having gotten used to having his own journalistic efforts funded by a multi-billion-dollar finance-terminal business (which we, sadly, lack), he was apparently appalled that we care about producing content that people want to read. 

Many of the folks kind enough to follow us on Twitter were bored to death by the exchange that followed.  Some, however, were kind enough to say they enjoyed it.

In the hope that there might be others who would have enjoyed it had they been wasting time following Twitter this afternoon, here it is.

Reuters blogger Felix Salmon fires the first shot >

Reuters blogger Felix Salmon attacks

We make mistake of responding...

...Triggering a lecture...

...about the decline and fall of western civilisation...

and other things

The lecture continues...

We finally lose it

Our rhetorical question does not amuse the Reuters blogger

We lose it some more

and REALLY lose it

Others pipe in

Reuters blogger Felix Salmon explains why Reuters pays him to lecture others on Twitter

Which actually raises an interesting topic (interesting to media people who care about these things--because 99.999% of the world obviously couldn't care less)

We continue...

We offer to hire the Reuters blogger (because he's good!)

Alas, we have concerns, which we share

The Reuters blogger responds...

And shares his own concerns

We return from lunch and resume the discussion...

We congratulate the Reuters blogger on his prodigious wit (which really did have us laughing in the lunch line)

And then we explain

Thankfully, the beautiful Jessica Pressler of New York magazine puts an end it

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