"Foul-Mouthed" Walt Mossberg Startles Four Seasons Guests


The downside of global gadget-guru fame…

A guest who happened to be eating breakfast near Walt in Carlsbad sends the following note.

Sitting at breakfast at Four Seasons hotel in Carlsbad, CA. Mossberg at nearby table. Kind of foul-mouthed. Has referred to a couple of people as “arseholes”.  Kind of inappropriate with all the kids around.

Strikes me as bright and thoughtful, though. Smart observations on everything from Apple’s Mac operating system to spectrum developments to new smartphones. Other guy at table hardly says a word. Walt just lectures — loudly. Can hear him across room.

Pipe down, Walt!  The conference hasn’t started yet.

UPDATE: For the latest on Walt’s breakfast behaviour, see Stalking Walt Mossberg, Day 2

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