FDA May Finally Fix Those Ludicrous "Serving Sizes" That Trick You Into Pigging Out And Getting Fat


Ever wonder how, on the “nutritional label” on the bags, junk foods like Tostitos can somehow masquerade as diet friendly? 

That’s because the “serving size” the label describes wouldn’t satisfy an infant.

Thankfully, in the latest bid to make our citizens less humongous, the FDA may finally address that…

William Neuman, New York Times:

Seeking a new weapon in the fight against obesity, the Food and Drug Administration wants to encourage manufacturers to post vital nutritional information, including calorie counts, on the front of food packages.

The goal is to give people a jolt of reality before they reach for another handful of chips. But the urgency of the message could be muted by a longstanding problem: official serving sizes for many packaged foods are just too small. And that means the calorie counts that go with them are often misleading.

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