Ex-BusinessWeek Editor Byrne Announces Plans To Kill Business Insider

john byrneToast, I say! Business Insider is toast!

Ex-BusinessWeek editor John Byrne confirms that he’s drawn a bullseye on our back and is hatching plans to kill us.We suspected that this might be what John was up to when he talked about launching the future of business journalism on his blog a few months ago

Based on our own experience over the last couple of years, we have a few thoughts on John’s business plan.  But it’s probably wiser to just let him learn the hard way.

In any event, welcome, John!

E.B. Boyd, MediaBistro: Former BusinessWeek.com editor-in-chief John Byrne provided a sneak preview of his new C-Change Media venture at a panel discussion hosted at the Horn Group in San Francisco Tuesday night.

C-Change, which Byrne said will launch in May or June, will be an online hub for the “global business professional.”

What I’m trying to create is a content and monetization network for the business audience. It has a mother ship, which is sort of like a HuffPo for business, finance, and economics. That mother ship is surrounded by a whole bunch of owned and operated separate satellites, that are Web sites on their own that serve specific business niches, like doing business in India, doing business in China, MBA’s, entrepreneurship, things like that. Then around each of the satellites is a constellation of bloggers who align with the satellites for the purpose of getting some more coverage, getting more traction than they otherwise would on their own, and getting revenue.

Byrne. who left BusinessWeek in December, said a few of the satellites will launch this spring. More satellites will follow. And then finally the mother ship, which Byrne said will be “a broad-based product, that could compete against a Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, or Fortune.”

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