Dilettante Google Needs To Get Serious About Chrome OS Or It Will Flop

google guys spring tbi

Every since it launched its two truly dominant products, search and AdSense, Google has dabbled in dozens of other products that have basically gone nowhere.

These products share the following characteristics:

  • They are promising opportunities
  • They are rolled out in beta to great fanfare
  • They are praised and celebrated
  • They are left to rot on the vine while Google’s best and brightest rush off to play with the next cool toy
  • They are forgotten in six months

If Google wants to succeed in its boldest product launch to date, the Chrome OS, the company needs to focus on its success with the same intensity it once dedicated to search. 

If it doesn’t, Chrome OS will end up just like Chrome: yet another irrelevant skunkworks project used by a handful of digerati and Microsoft-haters and ignored by everyone else.

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