Credit Implosion And Depression Coming, We Are So Screwed

Another happy forecast from Elliot Wave gury Bob Prechter (who may waste his time staring at charts most of the day, but also talks fundamentals):


Peter Gorenstein, TechTicker: In July, Ben Bernanke told a town hall meeting, “I was not going to be the Federal Reserve chairman who presided over the second Great Depression.” According to New York Times columnist Paul Krugman in that regard he’s succeeded.  Bernanke’s rescue of the financial sector in tandem with the Obama Administration’s stimulus plan prevented a “full replay” of the Great Depression, the Nobel Prize-winning economist writes.

But like President Bush declaring “Mission Accomplished” in 2003, Elliott Wave International founder, Bob Prechter thinks Krugman and Bernanke are premature in declaring victory over the credit crunch. Prechter, who famously predicted the 1987 stock market crash, tells Tech Ticker “the march towards depression, which is being fuelled by deflationary trend, is pretty well intact.”

So forget all you’ve heard about recovery and inflation, “we’ve only seen the first phase,” of the downturn according to Prechter. Next to come, is “a credit implosion” that will once again destroy the value of stocks, commodities and especially real estate. “The biggest area of overvaluation because of credit extension is the real estate area,” he says. “And if you’ll notice that’s the area that’s had the weakest of any kind of attempt at a recovery.”

When this next phase of “deflationary depression” happens the only investment advice he can give is: safety first. “Make sure as an individual you’re in the safest possible investments so you can ride this out.” And as discussed in a previous segment, that means investing in dollars or dollar equivalent assets.

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