Cramer's Latest Sleazy Marketing Pitch

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Ever signed up for one of’s investor services?  Then you’ve probably also received an occasional email like the one below.

It’s a personal note from “Jim Cramer.”  And it uses the oldest sleazy investment marketing tactic in the book.

What’s that?


In an attempt to get you drooling about how much money you’ll make if you pony up and buy a subscription, the letter describes a few amazing calls Jim has made in recent months.  Goldman Sachs!  Nike!  GE!  What the letter doesn’t do, of course, is describe all of Jim’s terrible calls.

This is what many newsletters (and investment managers) do: Tout their good calls and ignore their bad ones.  And they do it because it works.  But for anyone who takes their advice and clients seriously–as Cramer purports to–it’s misleading and sleazy. 

If you make 100 calls over the next month, about 50 of them will be good.  If we wrote up the top 3 of them, we could make you sound like a market-wizard, too.  And then you would be ready to start selling newsletters!

This, by the way, is what critics of the pro Lenny Dykstra said he used to do when marketing his own newsletter.  He would close and exit the profitable trades and calculate his “returns” based on those.  Meanwhile, he would just let the losers run. (Maybe that’s what Cramer meant when he described Dykstra as “one of the great ones” in the business.  Maybe he was referring to the newsletter-marketing business).

As we’ve said before, we think Cramer is a brilliant entertainer.  We also have a lot of respect for his work ethic and breadth of experience and expertise.

But the pitch below isn’t entertainment.  It’s marketing.  And it’s sleazy marketing at that. 

Cramer always says his first priority is to help you make money.  If he wants us to believe that, he can start by being more honest when he’s selling you something.


 Dear Investor,

I’m writing to you personally today to thank you for participating in Stockpickr. We hope you agree that Stockpickr is a truly unique community of investors with real, actionable stock ideas.

But many Stockpickr investors just like you are missing out on another great feature of’s community and that’s Action Alerts PLUS.

That’s why I’d like to make you a personal offer to start trading with me today.

I provide my Action Alerts PLUS subscribers with access to my every trade, 100% of my portfolio moves, and exclusive messages from me so they can get returns just like mine.

And right now, you’re missing out.

Here are some examples:

 +41% Return on Goldman Sachs

     I bought Goldman Sachs at $60. When it hit $85 on January 28th, I trimmed my shares, locking in a 41% gain. If you had joined me at Action Alerts PLUS, I could have helped you score that same 41% return.


 +34% Return on Nike

     My subscribers were right on hand as I bought NKE for $44 on March 19th, watched the stock skyrocket, and pocketed my profits on June 2nd for a return of 34%. I wish you had been there right along with me.


 +50% Return on GE

     I bought GE at $8.78 when everyone thought it was going bankrupt and now it’s up 50%. If you’d been with me on Action Alerts PLUS, I could have helped you nail that 50% return.

  Take me up on this personal offer and you’ll be guaranteed access to all these member-only benefits:

Exclusive Email Alerts: I’ll tell you what and why I’m going to buy or sell in my personal portfolio before I act, giving you a head start that could potentially lead to bigger profits.

 Exclusive Access to My Charitable Trust Portfolio: I put my own money behind every stock pick you learn about first in my email Alerts.

 Exclusive Weekly Roundups: This quick snapshot of the week’s activity gives you a second chance to evaluate my recommendations.

  I’m so confident that you’ll love Action Alerts PLUS that I’d like to offer you a $100 discount right now. And to sweeten the deal even more, I’ll send you my new E-Book, 7 Stocks to Buy Now for FREE. You’ll get stock picks from the best minds on Wall Street – including Doug Kass, Rick Bensignor, and myself absolutely free when you start Action Alerts PLUS today.

So, lets take on the market together…join me now to discover where we can make some money!


Jim Cramer
Chairman & Co-founder

P.S. Subscribing to Action Alerts PLUS is one of the smartest moves you can make in this ugly market. If you disagree, just call us within the first 30 days of your subscription and we’ll call it quits.

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