Carol Bartz Drops The F-Bomb

Those of us who stayed until the bitter end of yesterday’s Yahoo (YHOO) conference call were treated to a moment of Carol Bartz unplugged. 

She’s been headed there all call, of course, once dropping in a titillating “freaking awesome” (talking about a product, quoting someone else), but she saved the best for last.

Transcript courtesy Seeking Alpha:

As far as the investment of the global platforms, you know the real important issue frankly, well there are a couple of important issues but of our reorg was to get engineering focus and it was sort of scattered to the wind, I’m not talking about an engineering centre in Bangalore or whatever. I’m talking about engineers almost in every country. So a lot of what….and way too many product people. So when I say product people we sort of had a one product management person for every three engineers. So we had a lot of people running around telling engineers what to do but nobody is fucking doing anything. So, excuse me. I knew that would slip out one of these times.

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