Microsoft Needs To Buy Research In Motion

Bloomberg has been kind enough to invite me to appear as a contributor a few times a week. 

This morning, Betty Liu and I discussed the smartphone market (here’s the video, which for some reason is not embeddable).

Here are the key points:

The latest smart-phone numbers from Canalys show that Apple’s gaining share like a bat out of hell. 

The company has gone from 2% global share to 14% share in a year. 

RIM’s creeping higher worldwide–now 20%–but it’s losing share in the US.  Nokia’s still dominant worldwide, but it’s slipping (44%).  Everyone else is getting crushed.

In the US, the market breaks down basically as follows:

  • Research In Motion: 52% (down from 56% last year) 
  • Apple: 23% (up from 7%) 
  • Google: 2% 
  • Everyone Else: 23%

Again, Apple’s gaining share astonishingly fast…from 7% to 23% in a year.  Imagine what will happen when the company cuts loose from AT&T.

Google has now finally signed a bunch of hardware partners (all of whom will be rendered irrelevant if the Android platform takes hold), so it might begin to gain share.

Microsoft, meanwhile, is toast.

The last key point is this:

Microsoft (MSFT) needs to buy Research In Motion (RIMM).

If Microsoft actually wants to compete in the mobile market, this one’s a no-brainer.  Dan Frommer ran through that analysis here >


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