Are Tiger Woods Sponsors Nike And Gillette Cool With The Sexts, Too?

tiger woods shavingSmooth shave, baby. Real smooth.

Until this morning, it seemed like smooth sailing for Tiger Woods. Tiger had confessed, apologized, and announced his triumphant return to golf.  The sponsors who had dumped him looked like brainless sheep, and the ones who hadn’t looked to again make some major hay.

But now come the sext messages Tiger allegedly sent to porn star Joslyn James.

If you haven’t read them yet, you may not want to: “Raunchy” would be an understatement.

And while we can understand why Gillette, Nike, and other remaining Tiger sponsors might have been quietly with fine the idea of supporting a vigorous male leading a vigorous male life, the sexts may go over the top.

So, we ask: Are Gillette and Nike cool with this, too?  How about The Masters?

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