Are Nike's Thoughts Still With Tiger Woods And His Family? Really?

As more and more Tiger Woods women tell their stories, Nike is increasingly on the hot seat.

Nike’s sponsorship of Tiger Woods goes well beyond sponsoring a golfer.  Nike sponsors Tiger Woods, the man.  And as the number and type of Tiger’s “transgressions” mount (Porn stars? Cocktail waitresses?), Nike has to be second-guessing that strategy.

This morning brings news of alleged Tiger Woods woman No. 7 — a porn star named Holly Samson, who, like some of the others, Tiger allegedly flew around the world to tryst with him. 

So what does Nike think of this?  Does Tiger still have its “full support”?  Are Nike’s thoughts still with “Tiger and his family?”

For example, what does Nike think of the contest Freaking News is running to design the best Tiger “JUST DO IT” ad?

Tiger Woods Just Do It 1
Tiger Woods Just Do It 2
Tiger Woods Just Do It 3


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