AOL's Armstrong Rips Out Glass Doors Separating Execs From Staff

In another (symbolic) move sure to please the clobbered troops at AOL, Tim Armstrong has ripped out the glass doors separating senior executives from the hoi polloi at Time Warner headquarters.

AP: Shortly before taking over as head of AOL in April, Tim Armstrong ripped out some office doors.

The doors — made of glass and requiring a company key card to pass through — stood in AOL’s New York headquarters, separating the offices of executives like former CEO Randy Falco and his No. 2, Ron Grant, from the rank and file.

The doors’ departure is emblematic of a shift under way at AOL… If nothing else, Armstrong’s arrival has thrilled employees who were unhappy under his predecessors, who were widely considered out of touch and out of place.  Keep reading >

As the AP notes, moves like this won’t fix the place. But along with Tim’s other early moves, they’re a great way to start.

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