AOL User Trying To Find Tim Armstrong's Email Address To Complain About Something

You’d be surprised by how many of these we get.  Not asking for Tim’s email, per se (this is the first of those), but asking us to forward product complaints and other messages to CEOs and other industry luminaries we write about. 

Sometimes, the phones ring with people with urgent problems demanding to speak to the subjects of our articles.  Sometimes people think they’ve actually reached the subject of those articles.  The other day, we had someone who thought he was speaking to Jamie Dimon.

So, two quick notes:

First, to our readers: We’d like to help but we can’t.

Second, to our sources and subjects: Fear not, your contact info is safe with us!


Hi Henry,


Just read an article by you on Tim Armstrong, CEO of AOL.

Long story short, I’ve been trying to get in touch w/him re: my

AOL acct. which I’ve been very disappointed with.  E-mails

are unexpectedly not delivered to my inbox, outgoing e-mails

oftentimes don’t reach their destination, etc.


Pet peeve # 1 is that I’ve been only using their e-mail service

since 2001 and I’m now finding out that this service is supposed

to be ‘free’.  Not one person in India, which is the only place I’ve

found a service rep as no American reps seem to be available,

can tell me his e-mail, only his corporate address which I had to

pull teeth to get from a manager from India.


So I’m wondering if you have his e-mail address.  The corporate

address I have is:  Tim Armstrong, AOL LLC, 22000 AOL Way,

Dulles, VA 20166.  My letters to him seem to go into a dark hole

as they’re never acknowledged.  Even a delivery confirmation

showed that the letters actually were received, but I have yet

to hear back from Mr. Armstrong or anyone else for that matter.


Needless to say, I have been telling everyone that I’m now w/

Comcast and Gmail and have been slowly phasing out AOL

over time.  In a nutshell, their service sucks.  The McDonald’s

of the industry is what I think of them.


Any help you can offer as to how to reach Mr. Armstrong is much

appreciated.  Thank you.



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