Another Paterson Bombshell: Sex, Violence, And Secret Police

david paterson

The New York Times has taken another roundhouse punch at New York Governor David Paterson

The details are disputed and complex, but here they are in a nutshell:

  • A close aide to Governor Paterson, David Johnson, allegedly violently assaulted a woman last October
  • The woman gave a detailed account of the assault to the police
  • The woman went to court twice to complain that members of Paterson’s private security detail were allegedly pressuring her not to press charges
  • Earlier this month, with the woman continuing to press charges, Governor Paterson called the woman personally and spoke to her
  • A few days later, the woman failed to appear for a court hearing and the case was dismissed.

In typical fashion, the New York Times’s headline is about as understated a description of these facts as one could possibly imagine: Questions of Influence In Abuse Case Of Paterson Aide.

It seems safe to say that, yes, there are “questions.”  It also seems safe to say the Governor will have to address them.  And at this point it seems outrageous that Gov. Paterson once described the story the New York Times was working on as a “profile” with nothing remotely scandalous in it.

But the bottom line remains the same: In the past two weeks, the New York Times has destroyed what remains of the Governorship of David Paterson, as well as his current candidacy for re-election.  This latest (potential) bombshell is just the icing on the cake. 

Read the whole thing >

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