Americans Don't Want To Bail Out Newspapers

Surprise, surprise: It seems the only folks eager for a newspaper bailout are:

  • Newspapers
  • Politicians who have friends at newspapers

Support for a newspaper bailout is so low that only 2 in 10 actual Americans would not oppose one.

Why are Americans so appalled by the idea of a newspaper bailout?

In part because they don’t read newspapers anymore, and in part because they think online news organisations are actually doing a fine job.

(Bet you won’t read THAT in a newspaper!)

Mark Fitzgerald, Editor & Publisher: Nearly 8 out of 10 Americans would oppose any plan to spend tax dollars to aid failing newspapers, according to a poll on news media trustworthiness released Wednesday.

That reluctance might have something to do with the fact that 38.1% of respondents to the poll by Sacred Heart University said they are reading newspapers less often than five years ago. Or the fact that nearly half, 45%, said they think the Internet is “adequately covering for failing newspapers.” Just 35.6% disagreed with that statement.

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