Allen Stanford Forced To Fly Commercial For First Time In 16 Years

Why?  Because the government has seized his 6 private jets.

(All 6! Couldn’t they have left him maybe one or two?).

But he loves everyone in his company, he will burn in hell if he was running a Ponzi scheme, and he’s going to fight this with everything he’s “f’ing got.”  And the government’s only going after him because they want a big Texas-sized moose head on the wall.

Watch Stanford say this and more in the legally ill-advised interview with ABC News outside a Houston hotel at midnight here >

(Stanford says in the interview that it couldn’t be a Ponzi scheme because the government’s finding “billions and billions of dollars all over the place.”  ABC says the figure is only $500 million.  The good news for Stanford is that if it wasn’t a Ponzi scheme, this will be easy to prove: All he has to do is show the government where the money is.  (Or, more likely, which bad investments he lost it on.))

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