Marissa Mayer Hires A Top Googler As Yahoo’s COO

Henrique De Castro, Google

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Marissa Mayer has hired top Googler sales executive Henrique de Castro as her COO, Yahoo just confirmed.Mayer made the announcement as she apparently wrapped up a brief maternity leave, on her “first full day back in the office,” she wrote on Twitter.

AllThingsD’s Kara Swisher earlier reported that de Castro’s hire was likely.

De Castro ran a large part of Google’s worldwide advertising business as vice president for partner business solutions.

He’s expected to take a similar role at Yahoo, which raises questions about the future of Yahoo’s chief revenue officer, Michael Barrett.

Within Google and the Internet industry, de Castro has something of a mixed reputation. Some call him “super smart”; others say he’s a “complete a**hole” and that “his teams don’t love him.”

Of course, Mayer herself has a reputation for an unforgiving management style.

One of the best illustrations of de Castro’s brashness was the moment at this year’s D: All Things Digital conference when he quizzed Apple CEO Tim Cook on the state of his company’s online-advertising business.

Here’s that video: