Marissa Mayer Is Close To Landing Her First Big-Name Hire From Google

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer

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Marissa Mayer is on the cusp of poaching her first high-level executive from Google, Kara Swisher at All Things D reports.Henrique De Castro, Google’s president of “Global Media, Mobile & Platforms,” is being aggressively recruited to join Mayer at Yahoo.

This isn’t the first time De Castro’s name has come up in connection with Mayer and Yahoo. In July we reported De Castro was being recruited by Mayer. Swisher says De Castro told his employees back then that he wasn’t leaving.

It looks like something has changed. De Castro canceled an off-site meeting with employees, and isn’t in attendance at Google’s Zeitgeist conference, which is a big gathering of influential tech people and Google partners, says Swisher.

Swisher doesn’t know what De Castro’s exact job at Yahoo might be. She speculates that he could become COO. It has to be a big job, because at Google he runs “Google’s TV Ads, YouTube Ads, Google Display Network, Mobile Ads, AdMob, AdExchange and DoubleClick business globally,” according to CrunchBase.

Like any high level sales executive, De Castro has a mix of admirers and detractors. When we first wrote about De Castro getting poached by Mayer here’s what industry sources told us about him:

  • “He is super smart and very well regarded by senior folks at Google. 
  • “[He is] not charismatic. His teams don’t love him.”
  • “I know him well, he’s a complete a**hole. That is a really, really bad trade for Yahoo.”
  • “He is reputed to be super smart and effective.”