INSTANT MBA: Give Employees The Tools They Need To Be Successful

Brooke Barrett

Today’s advice comes from Brooke Denihan Barrett, co-chief executive of Denihan Hospitality Group, via The New York Times:

“You have to set certain standards that you want people to live up to. And if people need help, then we want to help them along the way. Sometimes organisations can fall down if they don’t also ask: How do you give people the tools they need to be successful? How do you get that person to understand what change needs to happen, and how do you help them along the way? Because people can’t always figure it out on their own, and nor should you expect them to.”

Barrett says that part of building a strong culture is actively listening to better understand those who work for you. Aside from this, you need to pay attention to the way different people interact within your organisation and keep an eye out for certain body language signs, because several times, someone may be saying one thing, but meaning another.

“I realised that you get a lot more with the carrot routine than the stick routine. I also realised that you really needed to explain the ‘why’ of things. You need to give people a little bit of space to come around, and say, ‘Yeah, that makes sense,’ before you really engage them in what needed to be done.”

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