Help Wanted: Seeking New Visionary Apple CEO, But Will Settle For Interim

Seeking New Visionary CEO with the Following Attributes:

1. Able to see into the future beyond the imagination of customers to what will delight, excite and addict them, that they can’t even conceive. It’s the ability to know what will provide lasting delight vs. immediate gratification.  Often what causes that is when technical function is wrapped in beauty.

2. Clarity of vision able to leap tall silos fuelled by the courage of his convictions. Silos only see the sky of what they can produce, they don’t see the sky over an enterprise of what could be.  JFK looked beyond satellites and saw the Moon as a possibility and that spontaneously caused all silos to fall when the possibility of being part of the adventure of a life time presented itself.

3. Undeterred by “should’s” “shouldn’ts” “yes, buts” and “that’s impossibles.” Needs to show a prolonged (vs. “one trick pony) track record of having good instincts that when translated into products and services, produce exceptional results. Since the “should’s” “shouldn’ts” etc. are built upon doubt, someone with pure unabated confidence and a track record to back it up, will win every time.

4. Chutzpah and brazenness informed by vision vs. ego. It’s not about having to be right, but knowing what’s right, seeing it clearly and not resting until it is realised.  Although Mark is a writer, consultant, coach, speaker, yadda, yadda, yadda, his singular passion is repaying the sacrifice of all the soldiers who gave some and of the families of soldiers killed in action who gave all so that you, your children and his children and he can enjoy freedom which is why he became Vice Chairman at Steele Partners along with his former senior Marine officer partners whose heart and soul is a previously successfully deployed transition program for returning military (know anyone who can write them a check?).

5.  Does not suffer from visionary myopia. Instead of a singular focus on fulfilling a vision that delights consumers, extends that focus to identifying other people who are also visionaries to carry on that process of bringing visions to life as opposed to missionaries who may become confused after the initial visionary leaves. This is unfortunately Apple’s core dilemma.

Will settle for interim:

In all likelihood, Apple will not find someone to immediately fill Steve Jobs’ shoes, either in mindset, skillset, but most importantly in his clarity of vision and his brazen “not to be deterred” commitment to fulfilling it.

In all likelihood whoever they find will pale and fail in comparison to Jobs. 

One alternative is to hire an interim CEO who instead of failing, will allow the world to adjust to an Apple without Jobs.  This will allow people to calm down and be more  able to see a permanent CEO for their distinct and special and different-but equal-to-Jobs talents as opposed to comparing them to Jobs on a daily basis which is what his immediate successor will face.

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