Help Wanted: Gawker Looking For New Managing Editor, Staff

The revolving door at Nick Denton’s flagship title is spinning again: Gawker managing editor Choire Sicha and editor Emily Gould have given notice today. We understand that neither departure was a complete surprise. Here’s Choire in NY Mag last month: “Not a week goes by I don’t want to quit this job,” he says, “because staring at New York this way makes me sick.”

Denton had been interviewing potential replacements for Choire over the past few weeks. Want the job? There will be a posting up on the site shortly, we hear. Here it is now.

Huffpo’s Rachel Sklar has a good blow-by-blow of comings and goings at Gawker here.

Update: NYT reports that Gawker writer Joshua Stein is also bailing, which means that half of Gawker’s staff has just quit, and the remaining staff has been there for 3 months or less.

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