Sexist Job Ad For Web Developers Complains That 'Your Girlfriend Doesn't Understand' Tech

This help wanted ad for web developers at Bloopark assumes applicants will be male, and that their girlfriends don’t understand what they do:

Bloopark is an Apple app development agency based in Magdeburg, Germany. It also creates web applications and e-commerce stores.

Many women in tech will sigh with weary recognition at the ad. The industry — which is overwhelmingly male — has made repeated blunders, giving off the impression that tech is hostile to women. Hyper, an Apple accessories company, had naked models in body paint at this year’s CES trade show, for instance. Samsung used women in bikinis to launch a fridge. Female game programmers live in a world dominated by a teen boy mentality. Yahoo once hired lap dancers for its staff. And two men at Play Haven were fired after making sexist jokes about “dongles” and “forking” at a conference.

We emailed Bloopark for comment, but it was late in the evening European time. We’ll update this item if/when we hear back.

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