A Banker Attacked His Girlfriend With A Lacrosse Stick And He Allegedly Had A Cache Of Cocaine His Apartment

Shadow Silhouette

This is a horrible story.

31-year-old banker, Daniel Brown, is accused of sexually assaulting his girlfriend with a lacrosse stick, the New York Post reports.

Although the alleged attack happened last August, Brown’s now ex-girlfriend, who’s 25, only came forward in January this year.

There’s reportedly no medical evidence of the attack in which it’s alleged Brown yelled “You ruined my Thursday night!”

She says she finally broke up with him after a year of repeated abuse.

According to the Post,

In the past, he’s punched her in bed, smashed her face into a mirror and rammed his fist down her throat to make her throw up, the terrified woman has told authorities.

[V]ideo recovered from recording equipment in his bedroom closet showed him using a lacrosse stick in an apparent consensual encounter with another women.

He works for Sovereign Bank (making about $120,000 per year) and lives in a condo on the Upper West Side. It’s at that apartment that police are said to have found a stash of cocaine in a safe, which has has led prosecutors to request his bail — currently set at $300,000 — to be increased to $700,000.

This isn’t Brown’s first run-in with the law over his allegedly violent behaviour; he has a 10-year-old domestic violence conviction from his days as a student at Ohio State.

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