Hells Angels Ex-Leader Sentenced For $10 Million Mortgage Fraud Scheme

Hells Angels biker

A former Hells Angels chapter leader was caught duping banks into giving him mortgage loans so he could buy land to grow marijuana, the Associated Press reported citing prosecutors.

Raymond Foakes (a.k.a. “Ray Ray”), the former president of the Sonoma County Hells Angels, pleaded guilty to charges of fraud, conspiracy and money laundering, the AP reported.

Ray Ray will now spend almost six years in prison for orchestrating a $10 million mortgage fraud scheme, the report said.  He will also have to cough up $1 million in restitution.

Of course, this jeopardizes the motor cycle gang former leader’s ability to particpate in the Sonoma chapters upcoming events such as 13th Annual St. Patty’s Day Run

Still, it looks like his fellow bretheren at the Hells Angels support him.  

Here’s what the Hells Angels have to say about their brother: 

On Friday morning, June 2, 2006, The FBI raided the Hells Angels Sonoma County Clubhouse along with 5 other locations, including the home of Chapter President, Raymond (Ray Ray) Foakes.  NOt at home at the time of the raids, Ray Ray was immediately deemed a “Federal Fugitive.”

The Media labelled him a danger to society. 

On June 7th, Ray Ray turned himself over to the FBI at the Federal Building in San Francisco. Not what would be expected of a man labelled a Flight Risk, much less a Danger to Society. 

Rather the actions of a man who has nothing to hide and who has confidence in the fact that he IS an innocent man. 

We have done our own Media coverage and below is a link with Video Documentary of Ray Ray at the Federal Building.

Ray Ray has nothing to hide and Ray Ray is a Political Prisoner.

Ray Ray Video…