A Motorcycle Gang Is Taking Toys 'R' Us And A Yo-Yo Maker To Court

Left: Yomega yo-yo; Right: A Hells Angels gang member.

Photo: Screenshot Yomega.com/SliceofNYC

Hells Angels really seems to be more of a gang of litigators than a motorcycle gang nowadays.The infamous criminal organisation, as the Justice Department has labelled it, is suing Toys “R” Us and yo-yo maker Yomega for allegedly infringing its “death head” trademark, Law360 reports. 

The suit claims Toys “R” Us is selling a yo-yo bearing the Angels’ Death Head symbol, which has gained widespread recognition, according to Law360.

It isn’t the first time the Hells Angels have sued for trademark infringement either. Here are some of the rest:

• Alexander McQueen, along with Saks Fifth Avenue, and Zappos, for allegedly selling items that used the Hells Angels’ name and Death Head mark.

• Disney for allegedly infringing the gang’s trademark in the movie “Wild Hogs,” which is a comedy about middle-age bikers.

• Marvel Comics for publishing a comic book, featuring a character called Hell’s Angel.

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