Hello, Washington! Live Nation, Ticketmaster CEOs To Appear Before Senate Antitrust Committee


Tomorrow, Irving Azoff, Michael Rapino and various other Ticketmaster and LiveNation reps will face the Senate antitrust subcommittee for the first Justice Department hearing on the proposed merger of the two concert giants.

The hearing will start at 2:30 PM ET and is called “The Ticketmaster/Live Nation Merger: What Does it Mean for Consumers and the Future of the Concert Business?” Catchy. We kind of prefer “Azoff and Rapino: Monsters of Rock 2009,” but to each his own.

Pollstar argues it could be a lively session considering who’s on the subcommittee: outspoken deal opponent Sen. Chuck Schumer and Sen. Orrin Hatch, who’s had a long history of fighting music piracy.