Japan Is So Obsessed With Hello Kitty, It Has An Entire Theme Park Devoted To Her

hello kitty theme park

Photo: Dansnosekai via Flickr

Cartoon characters may rise and fall in popularity, but one–Sanrio’s Hello Kitty–seems to have the sort of staying power marketers can only dream of.Hello Kitty, who was “born” in 1974 when she was first printed on a vinyl coin purse in Japan, has appeared on everything from t-shirts to Smart Cars. Bank of America once offered Hello Kitty credit cards, and there’s even an Airbus devoted to the cat and her pals.

Most recently, a Hello Kitty-themed restaurant opened in Beijing. It’s been packed since the doors opened.

Japan is home to not one, but two Hello Kitty theme parks, Harmonyland and Sanrio Puroland. Puroland, in Tokyo, opened in 1990 and attracts more than 1.5 million visitors each year.

If you’re not into pink, or cuteness, this indoor amusement park should probably be avoided at all costs.

Thanks to Flickr user dansnosekai, who was kind enough to share his album of Puroland snapshots with us (check out his great photoblog here).

Welcome to Puroland

The park, in Tokyo, is indoors

It attracts more than 1.5 million visitors per year

Every inch of the place is pink

Visitors pose with a life-size Kitty

This map's not too helpful, unless you want to know how Hello Kitty is related to all these other characters

Even the tickets are cute

Entry to the park is just under $60 for adults

Some other cute creatures make an appearance

Inside, there are rides and performances

Shows take place every few hours

Keroppi, another popular Sanrio character, makes an appearance

An actress performs at Puroland

Hungry? Grab a bowl of Hello Kitty ramen noodles

The singing urinals are a little creepy

Although the wall mural behind the sinks is a nice touch

Of course, the Sanrio gift shop is a major attraction

It sells every Hello Kitty item under the sun

Including fluffy bracelets

Some Hello Kitty lollipops

We could see a little girl falling in love with this place

South Korea has a different type of theme park

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