Helio Revenue Outpaces Losses In Q3


How’s “virtual” wireless carrier Helio doing? While the company, a JV between EarthLink (ELNK) and SK Telecom (SKM) has released some bare-bones Q3 numbers, it’s not enough for us to get a sense of its health.

What we do know: Helio reported sales of $51.7 million, up 56% from Q2, when it generated $33.2 million. And sales are increasing faster than losses: Helio lost $92.3 million in Q3, up 10% from its Q2 loss of $83.8 million.

What we don’t know: Subscriber growth, churn, and revenue per sub — the key metrics that will determine whether Helio succeeds or fails. The company only discloses subscriber numbers when it feels like it: It says it finished June with about 100,000 subscribers, August with 130,000 subs and expects to end the year with 200,000 to 250,000. Anyone have a guess about current sub numbers? We’re all ears.

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