Helio Ocean Users Get Better Web Browser


Good news for Helio subscribers with the “virtual” carrier’s signature Ocean phone: Helio has signed a deal with Opera Software to give them access to the company’s Mini Web browser.

What does that mean? Helio’s customers might find browsing the mobile Web a bit more like browsing the real Web. (Except the small screen.) That probably won’t drive up subscribers’ monthly revenues for Helio — many subs already pay for an unlimited mobile Web access plan. But it might help the service keep its existing customers or sign up new ones, something it desperately needs to do.

Last year, Helio — a joint venture of Korean wireless giant SK Telecom (SKM) and EarthLink (ELNK) missed its own growth projections, finishing the year with 180,000 subscribers. In 2007, Helio lost $327 million on $171 million of sales.

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