Here Are Some Racy Emails Between Citi's Top Economist And The Former Academic Accused Of Stalking Him

Dutch economist Heleen Mees was arrested back in July for allegedly stalking and harassing Citigroup’s chief economist Willem Buiter.

Mees, a former NYU economics professor, has been accused of sending Buiter — her ex-lover of four years — racy pictures and thousands of messages over a two-year period. She was also accused of contacting him after a cease-and-desist order was filed in late February.

According to the original complaint, which has been viewed by Business Insider, Buiter said that Mees allegedly emailed messages to him such as “What can I do to make it right? Shall I lick your b—s?”, “Shall we adopt a child?” “Ugly wife building” and “Hope your plane falls out of the sky.” The complaint says that she emailed him photos of dead birds. It also states that she also allegedly sent pictures of other women naked and pictures of herself masturbating.

Buiter is the man who coined the term “Grexit” during the Greece debt crisis and he’s well-known for his work on sovereign debt. He is married to Anne Sibert, who is also an economist.

Mees’ attorney, Ira London, filed a document this week supporting his attempt to dismiss the criminal charges.

According to the filing, which has been reviewed by Business Insider, London says that Mees has no prior criminal record and an “upstanding” reputation as an economist.

London claims that after Buiter’s lawyer signed a cease-and-desist order this year that he attempted to contact her via Skype and LinkedIn. In the filing, London included a screenshot of attempted Skype requests from Buiter to Mees between June 19 to June 23, days before she was arrested. London claims that Buiter also attempted to connect with her on LinkedIn on August 7, 2013. A judge scolded Buiter in court that month for his LinkedIn request to Mees, according to the Daily Mail.

Citi willem buiterBloombergCiti’s Willem Buiter

“Mr. Buiter’s conduct demonstrates a lack of respect for the law and the criminal justice system of the United States (not to mention the feelings of Ms. Mees),” London wrote in the filing this week. “Another possible explanation is that Mr. Buiter himself is still deeply conflicted about his feelings for Ms. Mees, with whom he had a romantic affair for over four years. However, criminal charges against Ms. Mees are not the appropriate manner to address this, and matters such as this are not productive of the court’s time.”

Also in the filing this week are some email exchanges and Skype conversations between the two economists. Many of the conversations were in Dutch and have been translated into English.

We’ve included some examples below:

We reached out to Buiter and his attorney for comment and will update as warranted. A spokeswoman for Citigroup told us they decline to comment on personal matters of their employees.

In June 2012, Mees asked Buiter if they could meet for a glass of wine and if he was going to divorce his wife, Anne. He replied that he would stay with Anne.

They also talked about Libor and ELB spreads, which Buiter tells Mees means “Enema-loving Brit.”

Mees email

Motion filed by Ira D. London

According to London, Buiter and Mees spent “dozens, if not hundreds, of hours” each year on Skype and would engage in “Skype sex.” Mees’ attorney claims that Buiter would masturbate in front of the camera. He claims that they had Skype sex during this conversation when Buiter was in Warsaw, Poland.

Below is an exchange from July 2012 where Mees asked Buiter if she could see him for a long weekend in Martha’s Vineyard. Buiter responded with “No.”

Mees then asked him if he would be in New York. He replied that he would be there on Friday with his wife, Anne.

Mees then asked him if he could send his wife shopping with this Citi credit card so they could spend some time alone. He responded by telling her that he would be looking at apartments and asked if he could use her real estate agent, the email exchange shows.

Here Mees sends him a heart.

This is a translation of an email exchange that was originally in Dutch. Mees told Buiter that she slept with one of her female friends who is an artist.

Heleen Mees

Court paper filed by London D. Ira

As for the dead birds Buiter says Mees sent him, Mees’ attorney says they were the creation of the female artist friend his client slept with.

Mees’ attorney says that Buiter reached out to the female artist friend via email about viewing some of her works while he was travelling in Amsterdam.

Here’s the original complaint:

Original Complaint Against Heleen Mees

Here’s the document filed by Mees’ attorney this week:

Reply To Response To Motion to Dismiss

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