Dutch Economist Heleen Mees Wants To Subpoena Citi For Ex-Lover's Expense Reports And Hotel Bills

Dutch economist Heleen Mees is preparing to file a defamation suit in the Netherlands against Citigroup’s chief economist Willem Buiter, new documents from her attorney show.

Her attorney has also filed an application in Manhattan federal court to subpoena Citigroup to hand over expense reports, hotel bills, and restaurant bills to help her prepare the defamation suit.

Last summer, Mees was arrested on allegations that she stalked and harassed Buiter, her ex-lover.

Mees — who said she had a consensual relationship with Buiter — was also accused of sending thousands of emails as well as some racy messages and photos.

In the original criminal complaint against Mees, Buiter alleged she emailed messages to him such as “What can I do to make it right? Shall I lick your b—s?”, “Shall we adopt a child?” and “Hope your plane falls out of the sky.” The complaint alleged she emailed photos of dead birds and allegedly sent him pictures of other women naked and pictures of herself masturbating.

According to the original complaint, Buiter said Mees’ actions caused him “severe annoyance and alarm” and he feared for his physical safety and the safety of his wife and children.

A Manhattan judge said Monday the charges against Mees will be dismissed if she goes to therapy, the Associated Press reported. Mees Tweeted that she still denies all allegations.

Mees is now trying to go after Buiter for defamation in The Netherlands, where she says misinformation about her was widely distributed.

A Citigroup spokesperson declined to comment on the matter. We sent a request to Buiter for comment and will update as warranted.

According to the documents reviewed by Business Insider, Mees’ attorney claims Buiter made “deliberate falsehoods and misleading statements” to the NYPD that destroyed her “reputation; caused her to lose consulting jobs and speaking engagements, her professorship at NYU, her position as a columnist, and other opportunities; and also significantly injured her emotionally.”

Willem Buiter Madelyn AntoncicREUTERS/Fred ProuserWillem Buiter, chief economist at Citigroup

The documents show her lawyer wants to subpoena Citi to produce “all expense reports, hotel bills, restaurant bills, taxi cab receipts, public transportation tickets and receipts, airline tickets, boarding passes, flight schedules, calendars, appointment books, booking or reservation confirmations, credit card statements submitted for reimbursement, corporate credit card statements, telephone bills, any other bills or receipts, and any other documents, sufficient to show Willem Buiter’s whereabouts, by country and city, on each of the Romantic Encounter Dates and on June 25, 2011, August 20-21, 2011, September 15, 2012 and May 3, 2013.”

Her attorney would also like to depose a Citi representative present at one of those dinners “to show the mutual and voluntary nature of Buiter’s interactions with Dr. Mees and that as early 2012, Buiter was not annoyed, alarmed, or fearful as a result of Dr. Mees’ presence or conduct.”

Mees’ attorney wants to subpoena these documents to show “the falsity of Buiter’s statements and innuendo that during the November 7, 2009 – July 1, 2013 period Buiter wanted to have no contact with Dr. Mees, but was chased across the world against his will, all the way to his hotel in China, and flooded with over 3,000 emails, and that this conduct annoyed and alarmed him, and made him fearful,” the document states.

Her attorney even listed the hotels/restaurants and the dates that Buiter and Mees were allegedly together. Mees attorney also details alleged romantic encounters between the two economists.

See below:

Here are the alleged romantic ecounters:

Here are the documents:

Memo of Law, Mees-1

Declaration Haazen w Exhibits 1-17-1

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