The Heisman Trophy's Nightmare Scenario Is Closer To Becoming A Reality

State prosecutors in Florida are not expected to decide if sexual assault charges should be filed against Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston until next week
according to

This could lead to a nightmare scenario for college football in which a player receives the Heisman Trophy while suspended from his football team.

While the lives of two young people far outweigh football games and trophies, and prosecutors should not be influenced by a sports calendar, the decision to wait is significant from a sports perspective. If Winston is ultimately charged with a felony, Florida State policy is that Winston must be suspended “absent extraordinary circumstances as determined by the administration.”

At this point, Winston is the favourite to win the Heisman Trophy. While some voters are expected to leave Winston off their ballot, early indications are that it will not be enough to keep him from winning the award given to the most outstanding college football player.

While we don’t know what the prosecutors will decide, there is a possibility that Winston will be handed the Heisman Trophy while charged with a felony and suspended from his team. It is a scenario nobody wants but that may now be inevitable.

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