Heineken Likes To Play Mind Games With Hopeful Interns

heineken interview intern
The interns were not pleased.

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To show off how quirky it is, Heineken made a video about its ridiculously bizarre interview process for an events intern position. (Watch below.)The job landscape is really a buyer’s market, so the Dutch brewing company decided to have fun with some of the 1,734 people who applied for the internship.

Candidates had to hold hands with the interviewer, among other bizarre tasks, like participating in a fire drill. “It made me feel… comfortable,” a hopeful intern said when asked about the hand-holding experience. Weird.

Mashable’s Todd Wasserman notes that “many brands — particularly European ones — seem to have a fascination with punking consumers from their target demo.”

He used Nivea’s new immersive campaign as an example. Nivea tricked random strangers into thinking that they were wanted by the police with the hopes that they would become so stressed out that they’d need the company’s deodorant.

An advertising agency in Brussels also boasts that it makes bad interns sleep in the dungeon-like basement of a building adjacent to its office while good interns get suite accommodations.

But fear not, America likes its intern abuse, too. So much so, in fact, that ad agency Neo-Pangea had a press stunt in which it physically abused interns on a live video stream.

Watch Heineken’s strange internship interview process below: