Heiferman Unveils 'Meetup Alliance'

Meetup CEO Scott Heiferman (SA 100 list #5) usually spends his time at the NY Tech Meetup introducing presenters. But Tuesday night he became a presenter himself and showed off his own company, specifically its new “Meetup Alliance” initiative. (SAI readers may have already read about the program here.)

If Meetup is a way for people to organise themselves into like-minded groups, MeetUp Alliance is a way for those groups to organise and to work together on a global scale. But here’s the neat part–it’s platform-agnostic, open to not just Meetup groups, but to Yahoo Groups, Google Groups, Facebook Groups, MySpace Groups… you get the picture. “I can’t wait to see how people are going to us it,” he said.

On Wednesday the Meetup will announce that the first 50 “alliances” have been formed between groups, including the International Tech Meetup Alliance, Barack Obama for President Alliance, etc.

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