Here’s The POLITICO Reporter Who Just Got Trashed On Twitter By A MarketPlace Reporter

The friendly world of Twittering finance reporters was shocked to see NPR MarketPlace reporter Heidi N. Moore tweet the following:


[credit provider=”Twitter” url=”!/moorehn/statuses/71278078818656257″]

Everyone wants to know? Who’s the POLITICO reporter in question!?

Turns out it’s Ben White, the editor of POLITICO’s Morning Money newsletter, which many on Wall Street consider a must-read.

White told us how it all went down:

We had a disagreement on FB about how good or bad DC was. Both probably said some not nice things. I tried to refriend her after defriending her in a huff and she then insulted me and DC again. And now she has Tweeted about it. I really harbor no ill will toward her at all. And I enjoy some of her tweets and comments. This spun way beyond control. I think as most people who know me will attest I am NOT a d*** head at all.

He added that he’d like us to send the message to Heidi that he’s sorry.

Update: They seem to have buried the hatchet.