Heidi Klum finally revealed this year's Halloween costume -- along with 5 cloned versions of herself

The INSIDER Summary:

• Heidi Klum is renowned for her elaborate Halloween costumes. 
• She finally revealed her 2016 Halloween look: Heidi doppelgängers.

Heidi Klum goes all out for Halloween. She’s arrived at her annual costume party dressed as chimpanzee, a glitter-drenched robot, and even a frighteningly realistic, 95-year-old version of herself. 

But her costume for this year might have required the least preparation to date. That’s because Klum just showed up at her October 31 bash as herself — along with five “twin” versions of herself.

“Are you seeing double, triple, quadruple, quintuple, sextuple?!” Klum teased to fans before the reveal.

For hours Monday afternoon and night, she teased her Instagram followers with sneak peeks of the preparation the went into the look. Fans endured the torturous wait as the costume took shape (but not without a healthy dose of complaining in the comments section). By the time photos of Klum in costume surfaced, Halloween was nearly over. 

Here’s a look at the frustrating but tantalising series of hints that preceded the final reveal:

It started with a video of a bare-faced Klum around 2:30 pm. 

Then she prepped her hair. 

Next, she revealed some type of prosthetic being applied to one of her clones’ faces.

Then, one of Klum’s prosthetic artists promised that this would be “the best” costume she’s ever worn.

But she sounded a little concerned when she asked her makeup artist whether or not the costume would be pretty. It was all an elaborate ruse to throw us off her costume scent.

More vague clues!

What could all these boots be for?! Turns out, for all the different Heidis.

Are there multiple people involved in this costume?!

Yes, definitely a group outfit — a fact not confirmed until after Halloween had technically ended on the East Coast. 

Finally, she posted the big reveal and arrived at her party with all of her Heidi doppelgängers in tow.

What will she think of next year.

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