Hedgeye Presents The Hit Rock Tune "Fiat Fools"

EVH Van Halen

Photo: Wikimedia

Hedgeye founder Keith McCullough has been tossing around the phrase “fiat fools” as of late whenever he’s talking about Europe.Well one keen Hedgeye reader wrote back to Keith with lyrics to a song of the same name, sung to the tune of Curtis Mayfield’s “If There’s A Hell Below.”

Here are the lyrics. Quite appropriate, actually.


Sisters, Brothers 
Central Bankers And Their Backers
They’re All Political Actors

Hurry, People Running From Their Worries
While The Judge And His Juries
Dictate The Law That’s Partly Flaw.

Educated Fools

From-Uneducated Schools
Keynesian Fools

Bailing out is The Rule
Polluted Water In The Pool

And Obama’s Talking About hope
He Says Change is coming
He Says Change is here
He Says Don’t worry

But They Don’t Know There Can Be No Show
And If There’s A Hell Below We’re All Gonna Go
Everybody’s Praying And Everybody’s Saying
But When Come Time To Do
Everybody’s Laying

Educated Fools

From-Uneducated Schools
Friedamite Fools

But They Don’t Know
There Can Be No Show
If There’s A Hell Below
We’re All Gonna Go


Educated Fools

From-Uneducated Schools

Fiat Fools

Lord What We Gonna Do
If Everything I Say Is True
This Ain’t No Way It Ought To Be
If Only All The Mass Could See

But Everybody Keeps Saying Don’t Worry

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