Hedge Funder Danielle Chiesi Got Inside Info Out Of IBM Exec Moffatt By Appealing To His... Well, You Get The Idea

Danielle ChiesiMen are SO EASY!

Photo: AP

It turns out he did have sex with that woman.Federal prosecutors yesterday confirmed what many watchers of the Galleon Group scandal case have long suspected: Former IBM executive Robert Moffat had a relationship with the woman at the centre of the largest insider-trading case in US history, hedge-fund consultant Danielle Chiesi.

The revelation came during a sentencing hearing for another player in the Galleon case, former hedge-fund honcho Mark Kurland, who was sentenced yesterday to a 27-month prison term for conspiring with Chiesi on illegal trades.

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Robert Moffat IBM GalleonI didn’t even realise what I was saying

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