Hedge Fund Slams Rick Bookstaber For Comments On The Gold Bubble

rick bookstaber

QB Partners fits the description of hedge funds that Rick Bookstaber accused of pumping the gold bubble and — even worse — of fueling the bubble with publicity.

The New York fund leapt to the defence of gold by sending an email to Business Insider with a message for Bookstaber.

Attached was the point-by-point rebuttal they gave to Nouriel Roubini in December when he had the nerve to diss gold.

Here’s the highlights of QBAMCO’s Message To The Gold Haters >

The economic crisis is NOT over

Gold does NOT depend on black swans

Deflation is NOT a problem

Paper money does NOT have intrinsic value

Gold is NOT a risk asset

Gold and the dollar are NOT inversely related

Fiat currencies ARE under attack

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