That Connecticut Hedge Funder Who Was Arrested For Growing A Pot Farm In Her Back Yard Scored A Last Minute Plea Deal And Is Avoiding Jail

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Last October, New Stream Capital’s Tara Bryson, and her boyfriend, were arrested for operating a pot farm on their property.

At the time, Bryson’s boyfriend, Michael Hearl, told Forbes the charges were “bogus” because they “didn’t have that many plants.” But narcotics police said that the pair had in fact created “a complex marijuana cultivation operation capable of producing a marijuana crop year round.”

Bryson has now plead guilty to drug possession charges, Teri Buhl reports.

Bryson, who worked in Investor Relations for New Stream Capital — a hedge fund founded by her brother David — “was sentenced to one year in jail, which was suspended, and a year of probation,” according to Buhl.

Bryson copped a last minute plea deal with the State of Connecticut. In return she had felony charges of conspiracy to cultivate a pot farm reduced to a misdemeanour–possession of a controlled substance under four ounces and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Bryson’s arrest report shows Connecticut State police found over 203 marijuana plants in her million dollar Newtown home.

New Stream Capital, meanwhile, filed for bankruptcy recently and is reportedly under FBI and SEC investigation.