Here's how much people make working for a hedge fund

SumZero, an online community of buyside professionals, has released its 2016 compensation report for hedge fund professionals.

Of the website’s 12,000 members, approximately 3,500 shared their compensation for the report. The data set includes funds of different sizes, ranging from big funds to small, single employee funds.

The report includes a breakdown of compensation based on job titles.

The median pay for executives at hedge funds is a little more than $400,000. That might seem low to those used to reading about hedge fund billionaires and huge bonuses. SumZero’s data skews younger, and big earners are considered less likely to give away some of their pay details, even anonymously.

Still, the data sheds some light on what one can expect to earn in different roles across the broader hedge fund industry.

“Title remains an important factor in compensation at hedge funds, even when accounting for experience. Thus while years in the industry are important, titles and the corresponding responsibility come with greater monetary rewards,” the report said.

It continued: “Also noteworthy is that analysts with an MBA make slightly higher base salaries, but tend to receive slightly less total comp after bonus.

One thing that stood out is that people with the titles “President/CEO” and “Portfolio Manager” had pretty low compensation.

“Note that several high responsibility titles such as ‘President/CEO’ and ‘Portfolio Manager’ receive a low median pay due to the large number of small, single employee funds on SumZero.”

To read the report in full, click here.

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