The Hedge Fund Managers That Are Making A Killing On Citigroup Right Now

David Tepper Lottery

Citigroup has had quite a run the last few days, from $3.50 on Friday to about $4.18.

So hedge fund managers, who made big bet on financials last quarter, are reaping the benefits right now.

Citi is making these guys even richer than they already are:

  • Paulson upped his stake in Citigroup last quarter. Citigroup is now 8.47% of Paulson’s total holdings.
  • Eric Mindich’s Eton Park had 4.5% of their fund invested in Citigroup.
  • Soros had 3.5% of his fund invested in Citigroup.
  • Citigroup was Dan Loeb’s Third Point’s second largest holding last quarter. Dan Loeb had 8.9% of his fund invested.
  • David Tepper’s Appaloosa was 19.2% invested in Citigroup.

(Stats based on the fund’s 4th quarter 2009 13F reports.)

Look at this upward movement:

Citi over the last five days

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