Amazing Photos Of The Two Super-Yachts That This Hedge Fund Manager Can't Sell

peter hochfelder

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Apparently a whole lot of wealthy individuals bought super expensive yachts just before the financial crisis began, and because they take two or so years to build, they keep their old one until their new one is ready.That method is typically hassle-free, according to the New York Times.

Except now, because of the crisis, sellers are finding no-one will buy their yachts – when back in the day, it was only a matter of time before you put your boat on the market, and someone snapped it up.

Hedge fund manager Peter Hochfelder, the founder of $3 billion AUM Brahman Capital Management, is in this predicament.

Check out photos of his two amazing yachts no one wants here >
Hochfelder already owned a yacht, a 134-foot L├╝rssen, built back in 1995.

The interior of the yacht, called Blind Date, was designed by a renowned interior designer, and Hochfelder even described it as “sexy, cosy and soothing.”

Of that boat, he also once said:

I once ran into [Microsoft co-founder] Paul Allen, who owns the 413-foot motoryacht Octopus. I told him, ‘We have a lot in common. You own the largest Lurssen, and I own the smallest.’

Hochfelder ordered a new yacht in 2007 – a 161-foot Trinity – that builders completed two years later. But no-one will buy the old sailboat. And according to the Times, Hochfelder pays about $4 million a year to run his two boats.

So now he’s putting both yachts – both named Blind Date (because that’s how he and his wife met) on the market, hoping and praying that at least one of them will be bought.

The Lurssen had to undergo a $3.5 million price reduction because it wasn’t moving, so now it has a $9.5 million pricetag.

The brand new Trinity will set back the purchaser $33 million – there’s a video of it here.

The older one has a $9.5 million pricetag; the brand new Trinity will set back the purchaser $33 million.

And if you’re not in the buyer’s market, the yachts can also be chartered.

This is the yacht's main living area - the interior was decorated by renowned designer Patrick Knowles

And this is the master bedroom - the yacht can sleep 8 people

The ensuite for the master bedroom...

This is one of the yacht's shady deck areas

And here's another with a bar and a ton of deck seating, which gets great sun during the day

This is Hochfelder's newer yacht, Blind Date II. It's a 161-ft Trinity and costs $33 million

The main living area has a bar and a huge flat screen TV

And this is one of the luxurious living areas, with another bar

This is the master suite. The yacht has five cabins and can sleep up to 12.

The master ensuite has a grand free-standing bath

All cabins have an ensuite bathroom

There's tons of lounging cushions to relax on, and look at the jacuzzi in the centre of the deck

And another deck at the stern of the yacht has an al-Fresco dining table

And for those who aren't looking to buy, but still want to cruise around the Med come Summer, the yachts are available for charter

But we think we know a few guys who after 2010, may be in the market for some new toys...

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