Read The Fierce Letter/Rant This Hedge Fund Manager Wrote To UCONN's Athletic Director

richard burton

Photo: Greenwich Time

Robert Burton, the CEO of Burton Capital Management, is not happy.He donated $3 million to UConn’s football team (he’s donated $7 million over the years), but he wants his money back and his name removed from from a campus building because he wasn’t consulted when the school hired a new football coach, Greenwich Times reports.

In a five-page letter, Burton rips UConn athletic director Jeff Hathaway apart because the search committee didn’t consult him in the hiring process, and that was a “slap in the face and embarrassment to my family.”

He claims Hathaway is unfit to be a Division I athletic director and is responsible for UConn’s former coach, Randy Edsall, decamping to Maryland.

“Don’t underestimate me or what I have outlined or requested in this document. I have already secured legal counsel from several law firms. If you are looking for a fight, then you have selected the right family,” he growls.

Burton’s sons Michael, was captain of the UConn football team in 1999. His other son Joe, was an offensive lineman at Syracuse for four years when Paul Pasqualoni, UConn’s new coach, was the head coach.

I made two things VERY clear... And you disobeyed me

You didn't even call me about the new coach. The last Athletic Director, Lew Perkins, he called me when it was time to recruit.

I would have sacked you years ago. You're impossible to work with and you have no relationship skills, and the last coach left because of you

This has been a slap in the face and an embarrassment. And now you're going to pay in 8 specific ways...

One of my punishments is that I'm transferring all the football scholarships to the B-School. Also, I want my $3 million back for the complex I paid for, and my name stripped.

Also, I'm going to tell the press everything AND none of my friends or employees will donate to you ever again

'Don't underestimate me... If you are looking for a fight, then you have selected the right family.'

We wonder if Burton regrets sending that letter now that the whole world can read it?

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