Ad Execs Are Already Suggesting Hedge Funds Do Commercials Using Serene Images Of Nature

billy mays chop it infomercial

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As part of a provision in the JOBS Act (Jumpstart Our Business Start-ups Act), the SEC could lift a long-standing ban that would then allow hedge funds and private equity firms to advertise.We can only imagine the billboards and TV commercials that we might be seeing in the future. 

The Wall Street Journal’s Suzanne Vranica asked a bunch of ad execs about what they think hedge funds could do for their marketing strategies.  

Here are some thoughts they had about commercials.  

From the WSJ: (emphasis ours)

Natural Beauty: Greg DiNoto, chief creative officer of Deutsch New York, an agency owned by Interpublic Group of Cos., suggests funds use TV commercials because they offer “sight, sound and motion.” Mr. DiNoto predicts many funds will use images from nature such as mountains and oceans in their ads because they allow funds to “talk obliquely about the high levels of financial accomplishments.”

As Seen on TV: Mr. Butler at Butler Shine said he would create an infomercial-like piece that would air on Bloomberg Television or CNBC. The long-form video would feature the fund’s portfolio manager, he said. This pitch is akin to the well-known infomercial pitchman Billy Mays, who for years hawked OxiClean detergent before passing away in 2009.

We’re not sure hedge funds want to be associated with the Quick Chop, but OK.

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